What is EigenLayer?

EigenLayer is a trust restaking protocol that aims to create a trust-minimized marketplace for blockchain infrastructure services. It serves as a middleware layer connecting node operators (validators) on Ethereum with infrastructure providers who require secure and reliable services without the need to run their own nodes.

Key aspects of EigenLayer include:

  1. Trust Restaking: EigenLayer allows node operators to "restake" their Ethereum staking power to third-party infrastructure providers. This enables these providers to offer services backed by the security of the restaked Ethereum.

  2. Middleware Solution: By acting as a middleware layer, EigenLayer removes the need for infrastructure providers to bootstrap their own validator sets, reducing the barriers to entry and enabling them to focus on their core services.

  3. Decentralized Marketplace: EigenLayer creates a decentralized marketplace where node operators and infrastructure providers can collaborate and transact in a trust-minimized manner.

EigenLayer's innovative trust restaking primitive is a game-changer for blockchain infrastructure, and a perfect example of its power is Lumia L2. Lumia is a Layer 2 rollup that leverages EigenLayer to borrow trust from the established Ethereum validator set, enabling Lumia to run, execute, and maintain its state in real-time without the burden of bootstrapping its own validator nodes from scratch.

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