Below you will find some common questions and answers around Lumia zkEVM.

Which EVM op_codes are different on Lumia zkEVM?

  • EXTCODEHASH: returns hash contract bytecode from zkEVM state tree (do not check if the account is empty)

  • DIFFICULTY: returns 0

  • BLOCKCHASH: returns all previous block hashes (not just the last 256 blocks)

  • BLOCKCHASH is the state root at the end of a processable transaction and it is stored on the system smart contract

  • NUMBER: number of processable transactions

Which op_codes are missing from Lumia zkEVM?

Lumia zkEVM supports all opcodes but SHA256, BLAKE and PAIRINGS.

Which precompiled SmartContract functions does Lumia zkEVM support?

ecRecover and identity are presently supported. Others return a revert.

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