Empowering Privacy and High-Throughput Applications

Miden, a cutting-edge zero-knowledge rollup, is revolutionizing the blockchain landscape by enabling high-throughput and private applications. With Miden, users can prove state changes of their local data while the network only tracks a commitment of it. This innovative approach ensures privacy and delivers exceptional throughput. At Lumia L2, we believe that privacy is the key to scalability, and Miden perfectly aligns with our vision. Users also have the flexibility to allow the Operator to prove public state changes, just like in other well-known rollups.

Polygon Miden, a modular execution layer, takes Ethereum's capabilities to new heights with its powerful features, such as parallel transaction execution and client-side proving. Developers can now create groundbreaking, high-throughput, privacy-preserving dApps across various domains, including DeFi, RWA, and Autonomous Worlds, using their preferred languages like Rust and TypeScript.

Feature Highlights:

  1. Private accounts: The Miden Operator only tracks a commitment to account data in the public database, ensuring user privacy.

  2. Private notes: Similar to private accounts, the Miden Operator only tracks a commitment to notes, enhancing privacy.

  3. Local transaction execution: The Miden Client enables local transaction execution and proving, with the Miden Operator verifying proofs and updating state DBs.

  4. Simple smart contracts: Currently, Miden offers three smart contracts: a basic wallet for sending and receiving assets, and fungible and non-fungible faucets for minting and burning assets.

  5. P2ID, P2IDR, and SWAP note scripts: Miden provides three note scripts: two pay-to-id scripts (P2IDR is reclaimable) and a swap script for simple token swaps.

  6. Simple block building: The Miden Operator, running the Miden Node, can build blocks containing transactions.

  7. Maintaining state: The Miden Node stores all necessary information in its State DBs and provides it via its RPC endpoint.

Benefits of Polygon Miden:

  1. Ethereum security: Miden inherits the robust security of the Ethereum network.

  2. Innovative applications: Developers can build applications infeasible on other systems, such as onchain order book exchanges, complex incomplete information games, and safe wallets.

  3. Enhanced privacy: Miden offers better privacy properties than Ethereum, with plans for even stronger privacy guarantees in the future.

  4. Updatable transactions: Transactions can be recalled and updated, providing flexibility and efficiency.

  5. Lower fees: Client-side proving reduces transaction fees, making Miden more cost-effective.

  6. Safe dApps: Account abstraction and compile-time safe Rust smart contracts ensure that dApps on Miden are secure and reliable.

At Lumia L2, we are excited to leverage the power of Miden and Polygon Miden to drive innovation, privacy, and scalability in the blockchain ecosystem. By combining these cutting-edge technologies with our expertise, we are poised to create a new paradigm in decentralized applications, empowering our users and developers to explore uncharted territories and unlock the true potential of blockchain technology.

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