Testnet Tokens

A faucet is a resource where you can obtain test tokens. Faucets are accessible to all wallets such as MetaMask. Utilize these faucets to ensure your wallet has sufficient assets to cover deployment costs and transaction gas fees.

Lumia Faucet Portal

Navigate to the Lumia Faucet Portal by visiting https://testnet-faucet.lumia.org. Follow these steps to connect your MetaMask wallet and claim Testnet tokens:

Step 1: Open MetaMask

Ensure that your MetaMask extension is installed in your web browser and that your wallet is open. If you do not have MetaMask installed, you can download it from the official MetaMask website.

Step 2: Switch to Testnet

Before connecting to the Lumia Faucet Portal, make sure MetaMask is set to the Lumia Testnet network. RPC details for Lumia Testnet can be found here.

Step 3: Connect Wallet

Visit the Lumia Faucet Portal at https://testnet-faucet.lumia.org.

On the homepage simply paste your wallet address and click "Request". You should receive 1 LUMIA Testnet token into the wallet address you provided.

Currently limited to feeding 1 LUMIA token per 3 hours.

Step 4: Verify Tokens

After the transaction is successful, you can verify the receipt of testnet tokens by checking your MetaMask wallet balance. LUMIA token is the native gas token for Lumia thus balance should auto-appear.

By following these steps, you can easily connect your MetaMask wallet to the Lumia Faucet Portal and claim testnet tokens to use for deployment costs and transaction gas fees.

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