What is Lumia Layer 2?

Lumia is the first next-gen, ultra capital efficient, hyper-liquid Restake Layer 2 Roll-Up on EigenLayer utilising cutting edge tech stack: PolygonCDK, NearDA and private DAC, Polygon AggLayer, Account Abstraction and more, thanks to joint co-development efforts between GatewayFM (RaaS) and Lumia's tech team. Lumia will boast its own custom private Data Availability Committee (DAC), its own liquidity network (a.k.a Lumia Stream), decentralised sequencers, fast finality and validity proofs for a secure and decentralised Web3 experience. Offering unprecedented DeFi strategies, thanks to co-development of off-chain AI model with our partners over at Allora Network, supported by zkML-Adapters running on Eigen AVS services, Lumia brings the best cross-chain and most liquid opportunities to Web3.

This document will dive into each component on what makes up Lumia and how it enables it to be positioned uniquely while addressing some of the key friction points plaguing this space such as scalability, liquidity fragmentation, thin liquidity, lack of interoperability and sustainable tokenomics.

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