Seamlessly connect any ZK-enabled L2 or L1 chain for near-instant cross-chain transactions, and shared state and liquidity across chains.

Addressing the scalability challenge in blockchains goes beyond individual chain performance; it necessitates scaling access to shared state and liquidity across multiple chains. This calls for a groundbreaking approach to blockchain architecture known as aggregated blockchains. The visionary team at Polygon Labs has developed an ingenious solution – the aggregation layer, or AggLayer – which is set to revolutionize the way ZK-enabled L2 or L1 chains interact. By seamlessly connecting these chains, AggLayer enables near-instant cross-chain transactions, allowing for the effortless sharing of state and liquidity across multiple chains. This transformative technology promises to unlock unprecedented scalability, interoperability, and liquidity, ushering in a new era of blockchain innovation and empowering developers to build the decentralized applications of the future.

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