This chapter will guide you through deployment of your first Solidity based SmartContract on Lumia L2 (zkEVM). Feel free to skip to relevant parts based on your experience and comfort level.

In this tutorial, you'll learn to develop and deploy a smart contract on Lumia L2 zkEVM, tailored for those new to EVM and seeking a basic yet thorough understanding of the process. Expected to take about 30 minutes, completing this tutorial will mark your entry into dApp development!

Requirements include:

  • Basic knowledge of Solidity

  • Familiarity with software development tools and CLIs

  • Basic understanding of MetaMask

  • Access to an IDE like; VSCode or Remix

What you will accomplish in this tutorial:

  • Learn about Lumia L2

  • Configure MetaMask

  • Deploy a smart contract onto Testnet

  • Obtain some test tokens from the faucet

  • Deploy a smart contract on Lumia Testnet

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