Account Abstraction and Intents

Lumia L2 is committed to revolutionizing the user experience in the DeFi space by integrating cutting-edge technologies like Account Abstraction (AA) and Intents. By leveraging the power of Biconomy's AA solution and 1inch Fusion's Intents, Lumia L2 aims to create a seamless, user-friendly, and secure trading environment for both seasoned DeFi users and newcomers from the Web2 world.

Account Abstraction with Biconomy

Account Abstraction is a game-changing concept that enhances user experience by making user accounts more flexible and functional. Instead of using an Externally Owned Account (EOA), a Smart Contract can act as the user's account, powered by code instead of the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA).

Lumia L2 integrates Biconomy's ERC 4337-compliant Smart Account solution, which works with any Paymaster and Bundler service. This integration brings several benefits to the Lumia L2 ecosystem:

  1. Simplified User Onboarding: With AA, users no longer need to worry about creating and managing traditional EOAs. Lumia L2's Smart Account creation process is streamlined, making it easier for Web2 users to enter the DeFi space without the complexities associated with traditional wallets.

  2. Gasless Transactions: Biconomy's Paymaster service enables Lumia L2 to sponsor transactions or accept ERC-20 tokens as payment for gas. This eliminates the need for users to hold native tokens to cover gas fees, providing a frictionless trading experience.

  3. Enhanced Security: Smart Accounts are enhanced by different modules that allow the execution of arbitrary logic before validating a userOp. This enables Lumia L2 to implement advanced security features like session keys, multi-chain validation, and passkeys, ensuring the safety of user funds.

  4. Flexible Authorization: Lumia L2's Smart Accounts are signer agnostic, meaning users can utilize any authorization package as long as a signer is passed to the SDK during Smart Account creation. This flexibility allows users to choose their preferred authentication method, enhancing user experience and adoption.

Intents with Lumia Stream

Lumia L2 integrates Lumia Stream's Intents to provide a superior trading experience for its users. Intents are a novel approach to order fulfilment that offers several advantages over traditional on-chain trading:

  1. MEV Protection: Lumia Stream provides protection against Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) or front-running attacks. This ensures fair trade execution and prevents potential financial loss, instilling confidence in Lumia L2 users.

  2. Optimal Price Efficiency: Lumia Stream's Resolvers source liquidity from across the entire DeFi market, providing Lumia L2 users with optimal order matching and minimizing potential losses from negative price impact.

  3. Intent-based Order Fulfilment: Unlike classic swaps, Lumia L2's integration of Lumia Stream allows for intent-based order fulfilment. Liquidity Nodes compete to fill orders and provide the best price, following a probablistic order assignment mechanism. This ensures that users receive the best possible price for their trades.

Technical Implementation

To integrate Account Abstraction and Intents into Lumia L2, the following technical components are utilized:

  1. Biconomy SDK: Lumia L2 leverages the Biconomy SDK, an Account Abstraction toolkit built on top of ERC 4337. The SDK provides a full-stack solution for tapping into the power of Smart Accounts, Paymasters, and Bundlers.

  2. Entry Point Contract: Lumia L2 utilizes the Entry Point contract, a singleton smart contract that acts as the core of the Account Abstraction flow. This contract serves as the entry point to execute bundles of userOps.

  3. Smart Account Contract: Lumia L2's Smart Account is an ERC 4337-compliant smart contract that acts as the user's wallet, storing all user assets. It is programmed to validate transactions before execution and requires a signer to initiate transactions.

  4. Bundler Integration: Lumia L2 integrates with Biconomy's Bundler service, which collects, bundles, and submits userOps to the EVM network. The Bundler watches the mempool for userOps and sends them on-chain by calling the Entry Point contract.

  5. Paymaster Integration: Lumia L2 utilizes Biconomy's Paymaster service, which acts as a gas tank and sponsors transactions on behalf of the user. The Paymaster can be configured to either sponsor transactions or accept ERC-20 tokens as payment for gas.

  6. Lumia Stream SDK: Lumia L2 integrates the Lumia Stream SDK to enable intent-based order fulfilment. The SDK provides the necessary tools and libraries to interact with 1inch Fusion's Resolvers and benefit from MEV protection to optimal price efficiency.


By integrating Account Abstraction and Intents into its ecosystem, Lumia L2 is set to redefine the DeFi user experience. The combination of Biconomy's AA solution and Lumia Stream's Intents creates a powerful platform that offers simplicity, security, and cost-effectiveness.

With gasless transactions, MEV protection, optimal price efficiency, and intent-based order fulfillment, Lumia L2 removes the barriers to entry for Web2 users and provides a seamless trading experience for all. The technical implementation, leveraging the Biconomy SDK, Entry Point Contract, Smart Account Contract, Bundler, Paymaster, Lumia Stream SDK, and Resolvers, ensures a robust and efficient system.

As Lumia L2 continues to push the boundaries of DeFi innovation, the integration of Account Abstraction and Intents marks a significant milestone in its journey to create a more accessible, secure, and user-friendly decentralized finance ecosystem.

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