Hypernode Purchase Guide

This guide was created to run you through a simple step guide on how to purchase your first Lumia Hypernode(s)

Step 1: Head over to https://node.lumia.org

Step 2: Connect your wallet through one of the wallet connect options.

Step 3: Switch to Polygon Network, and make sure you have enough USDT in your wallet.

Step 4: Press the “Buy Nodes” button, fill in the number of nodes you want to purchase, and use a referral code to complete the purchase. (If you’ve entered the website through a referral link, the code will be automatically filled in for you.)

Step 5: Press the “Complete Purchase” button.

Step 5.1: Approve the spending limit.

Step 5.2: Confirm the transaction after the spending limit has been approved.

Step 6: You now own a Lumia Hypernode. Head over to your dashboard to see your daily rewards and more. (Rewards are automatically distributed every day at 00:00 UTC.)

Step 7: Invite and earn cashback rewards! (Click the 2 small squares next to your referral code to automatically copy your referral link)

To learn more about Lumia Hypernodes and how to enhance your Lumia earnings, visit: https://docs.lumia.org/lumia/hypernodes

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